65EE5PC - 65" OLED Dual-view Curved Tiling
-Native Display Resolution:  3,840 x 2,160
-Brightness: 140/450 cd/m2 (APL* 100% / 25%) * APL: Average Picture Level
-Contrast Ratio: 140,000 : 1
-Wide viewing angle: 120 x 120 
-Faster response time: 1ms (G to G), 8 ms (MPRT), item provides a 5,000-times faster motion-picture response time, for perfectly clear images without blurring.
-Slim and light: with just two layers, Edge depth in around 8.54mm
-Two Displays for Multi-Use; two-way media experience and space saving thanks to innovative slim depth.
- Modular Design allows different layouts between 1 x 2 and 1x 4 with the same design identity.
- PC-less Playback; High performance SoC & high internal memory capacity (128GB) enable perfect UHD-synced playback without the need for media players. 
-Perfect Black: Limitless contrast and deepest black, self-lighting pixels switch off completely to eproduce black. No light bleeding.  Absolute black offers infinite contrast. 
-Perfect Color:  Accurate & stable color reproduction, self-lighting pixels bring colors to life with superb accuracy.
65" Dual-view Curved Tiling OLED Signage
- Brightness: 450 cd/m2 
- Bezel : (Front) 15 mm (U), 26 mm (B), 13.2 mm (L/R)
- Depth : 8.54 mm (Module)
- Interface : HDMI / RS232C / RJ45 / IR In
- SuperSign W/Lite/C/N
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